Carol Renee Waters

Creative Free Spirit for Hire

  • Writing Services 80%
  • Homeschool Resources 45%
  • Health & Nutrition Information 95%
  • Groovy Clothing Suggestions 78%
  • Magnificent Make-Up 60%
  • Domestic Violence Awareness & Fundraising 80%
  • Weightloss Advice 50%
  • Home Business How To’s 60%

This is My Story

This website that is. Carol Renee Waters is my name., that is this website. I am a writer, a story teller and more.

My story will take years to write and as I journey through the process of doing so, I am sharing it here Рputting all the years into words to help shed light on my most favorite of topics. My story is my work and my work is my story. In the meanwhile, I offer my range of interests and experience to discerning website owners who want to add wisdom and whimsy to their writing projects.

My specialty is well researched, experience driven articles that are written to delight your target audience as you build your expertise while you concentrate on the things you most love to do.

Outsourcing your writing to me will eliminate the constant “what should I write?” question from your busy schedule and allow you to concentrate on the things you most enjoy doing.

Me, I enjoy living life and sharing my gifts with the world. It wasn’t always that way – but that’s where the stories come from. Experience and a heart to change the world through the words I write and the things I share. I’ve been hovering in the background for 30 years. Watching, learning and waiting. Waiting for my time.

That time has come and I express it all here – as fully and boldly as I can so that the message grows loud enough that we change the world. I’m not one bit ashamed to say that I have long been known as the mouth from the South in my circle, and I’m learning how to raise that voice for the causes I believe in.

Writing is but one of many passions and I indulge them all here. Through blog post and recommendations – and even a groovy store to shop in featuring clothes, make up and beauty from the inside-out tips.

I hope you enjoy your visit and please don’t leave before signing up to keep in touch if any of the topics you find on the front page flower makes your heart sing – if one or more of those is one of your favorites too we’re practically kindred spirits and I want to get to know you!


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